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General Information Purpose: This website is crafted solely for informational objectives and does not aim to deliver specific, personalized counsel, including but not limited to investment, financial, legal, accounting, or tax advice. For guidance suited to your unique situations, engaging with a qualified professional is highly recommended. The views expressed here are solely those of the site’s owner and author.

SP Capital Wealth’s Role: SP Capital Wealth does not register individuals with any registered or non-registered accounts, nor does it sell investment products or securities. Our role is to consult with clients and act as an intermediary, facilitating the connection between clients and the appropriate financial professionals for their specific needs.

Offer & Solicitation: This site does not extend any offers or invitations to engage where such actions are unauthorized or prohibited. Information herein is prone to alteration without prior notification, and the site’s owner and publisher bear no responsibility for any information inaccuracies.

Privacy & Compliance: In its operations involving personal data, SP Capital Wealth complies with the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act, alongside analogous legislation in Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec. This adherence ensures transparency about the reasons behind the collection of personal information.

Information Collection & Use: Throughout our interactions, personal information collected is crucial for managing your accounts, encompassing financial specifics, investment data, insurance, tax details, banking information, and social insurance numbers. This data may be shared with third-party organizations such as insurance firms, investment entities, regulatory bodies, law enforcement, and service providers acting under our authorization. These entities are subject to adherence to the same privacy laws as SP Capital Wealth.

Service Offerings: SP Capital Wealth specializes in providing comprehensive financial consultation services. Please note that we do not provide legal or accounting advice, nor do we engage in the sale of financial investments, securities, or insurance. Additionally, we do not function as banking institutions; therefore, we are unable to facilitate account openings, accept deposits, extend loans, or maintain funds in trust.

Risk Disclosure: Clients acknowledge that while SP Capital Wealth endeavors to provide accurate and reliable financial advice, there are inherent uncertainties in financial markets. SP Capital Wealth makes no warranties or guarantees regarding the performance or success of any investment strategy or financial plan. Clients accept that investment decisions carry inherent risks and that past performance is not indicative of future results. Clients agree to hold SP Capital Wealth harmless from any losses or damages resulting from investment decisions made based on our advice.

Client Responsibilities: Clients acknowledge that financial decisions carry inherent risks and uncertainties. While SP Capital Wealth provides expert guidance, clients bear sole responsibility for evaluating the suitability of any advice or recommendations in light of their individual circumstances. Clients are encouraged to seek independent professional advice before acting on any recommendations.

Limited Liability: SP Capital Wealth assumes no liability for the outcomes of client decisions made based on our advice. Clients acknowledge that financial markets are unpredictable, and no guarantees of performance or outcomes are provided. Clients agree to hold SP Capital Wealth harmless from any losses or damages resulting from reliance on our advice.

Non-Disclosure: Your personal data is not disclosed to third parties for their independent use, and notably, there is a strict policy against selling or exchanging personal information.

Consent for Services: The collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information are essential for us to provide you with our services. If you object to these processes, SP Capital Wealth may not be able to continue providing services. Therefore, by maintaining your account with SP Capital Wealth, we will assume that you have consented to the collection, use, and disclosure of your
personal information.

Personal Information Management: For inquiries or adjustments to your personal information, please reach out directly to
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